Health and Wellness

A Message From the Middle School Health Educators and High School Health Interventionists

Welcome Quincy Public Schools Families to the Health Education Page.  The Health Education Team knows that during the a time of school closure can be very difficult for all children.  It is a time that maintaining our physical, emotional, social and cognitive health is a challenge.  The Health Education Team will be reaching out to students through Google Classroom, Youtube, and email in order to stay engaged with students and families.  On this page you will find resources that health educators would like to share. Certainly this webpage is not a replacement for seeing students every day at school.  Students are sorely missed!  Do your best to stay healthy and we look forward to seeing again.  


YOGAWithAdriene-Great free Yoga videos on Youtube!  

 Calm Classroom at home. Recorded mindfulness activities to calm and focus your brain.