High School

Dear High School Educators,

As we continue to navigate this unprecedented time, we are committed to offering high quality professional development activities that can be accessed remotely to our professional staff. Together, the department heads and administrative teams at both high schools have planned professional development activities that are content-specific. There will be related tasks for each professional development offering which may include: a shared Google Drive, a reflection, a response to a guided prompt, a created lesson or activity, a blog, a Google Group for shared posts, or any other appropriate task as defined by department heads. Once completed, the task will be submitted through a shared space or emailed to the department head.

Directions on how to sign up for the latest round of professional development opportunities have been sent to your Quincy Public Schools email address.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Rob and Larry

Rob Shaw, NQHS Principal
Larry Taglieri, QHS Principal