English Language Learners

Dear Colleagues,

As we continue to navigate this unprecedented time, you have been emailing a number of online professional development opportunities for EL teachers. During the week of March 23, these opportunities have been webinars for exploration, professional growth, and reflection on personal teaching practice. For those of you who participated in these webinars, I wanted to thank you again for your time and effort. Your written reflections have embraced your thirst for continued learning and advocacy for our English Learners.
In addition to your suggested online learning opportunities for the team, the Curriculum and Assessment Team is committed to offering high quality professional development activities to our professional staff that can be accessed remotely. In order to access the professional development options and the online resources, please use the quick links provided on this page.
If you need anything, please let me know. Stay happy, healthy, and hopeful!

Take care,
Heather Wojcik
ELE Coordinator