January 14 Letter from Superintendent Mulvey

January 14 Letter from Superintendent Mulvey/High School Hockey
Posted on 01/14/2021

Dear Quincy and North Quincy High School Varsity Hockey Team Members and Parents,

Earlier today, I was notified by the Quincy Health Department that an active participant in the Quincy vs. North Quincy High School game on January 9, 2021 at the Quincy Youth Arena has tested positive for COVID-19 and Saturday’s game was during their infectious period.  The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) uses data to drive decision-making and there has been a considerable amount of COVID-19 transmission during hockey activities.  In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and help ensure the health and safety of players, coaches, and their families, the MDPH identifies all people who participated on the ice while a case of COVID-19 was present during their infectious period as close contacts.  

All hockey team members for both high schools who participated in Saturday’s game have potentially been exposed to COVID-19 and will need to quarantine for seven to fourteen days following the exposure, depending on testing and test results.  The school nurses will contact each family to provide complete guidance about quarantine.  In the meantime, please follow these guidelines and seek medical advice through the student’s primary care physician:

  • During quarantine, close contacts should stay in a separate room from others in the household, preferably with a separate bathroom, and not spend time in shared spaces. If bathrooms must be shared, they should be thoroughly cleaned after each use.
  • Close contacts should refrain from leaving their households unless it is medically necessary or for testing.Other members of the household are free to continue their normal activities.
  • Close contacts in quarantine can resume normal activities once they have been cleared by the Quincy Health Department.
  • See Information and Guidance for Persons in Quarantine due to COVID-19 | Mass.gov for more details.

All students who are enrolled in hybrid learning will be transitioned to remote learning and will be able to resume attending school in person after completing quarantine and being cleared individually by the Quincy Health Department.  Similarly, the high school hockey teams will resume practice and playing games after the quarantine period has elapsed.  Additional information will be shared by the high school Athletic Directors and coaches with specifics as soon as it is available.


Kevin W. Mulvey, J.D.

Superintendent of Schools