Boston Globe Recognizes QPS Student Athletes

Boston Globe Recognizes QPS Student Athletes
Posted on 01/18/2023
On left, Jennifer Lee smiles while playing in a NQHS Volleyball match; on right, Gabriel Rodrigues runs with the football in a fall 2022 game for QHS.

In its Sunday, January 15, 2023 All-Scholastics section, the Boston Globe highlighted the area’s best high school athletes and coaches for the Fall 2022 season.

We are proud of the 26 QPS fall season student-athletes who were recognized! In particular, Jennifer Lee (NQHS ‘23, Volleyball) was named an All-Scholastic MVP and Gabriel Rodrigues (QHS ‘24) was listed in the Honorable Mention category.

View the full list of honorees (subscription access may be required):

QPS All-Star Honorees


North Quincy: Nate Caldwell (‘23)

Quincy: Steve Gallant (‘23,) Jacey Ham (‘23,) Luke Murphy (‘23,) Gabriel Rodrigues (‘24)--Honorable Mention

Boys' Soccer

North Quincy: Benjamin Dawe (‘23)

Quincy: Alex Carmona-Montufar (‘23,) Tom O’Neil (‘23,) Declan Rogers (‘24) 

Girls' Soccer

North Quincy: Jackie Manning (‘26,) Lucy McLaughlin (‘24)

Girls' Volleyball

North Quincy: Olivia Bailey (‘23,) Ava Bryan (‘24,) Jennifer Lee (‘23)--MVP, ZiXian Situ (‘23)

Quincy: Bridget Hoare (‘23,) Tiffany Le (‘23,) Annika Schmitt (‘23)

Boys' Cross-Country

Quincy: David Schmidt (‘25)

North Quincy: Kyle Clements (‘24)

Girls' Cross-Country

Quincy: Amira Aitsaid (‘23,) Salma Boukhtam (‘24)

North Quincy: Aluna Coogan-Coyne (‘24,) Mollie Nelson (‘23)


North Quincy: Aidan Bridges (‘24,) John Toland (‘24)