QNQ Ski Team

QNQ Ski Team Marks First Season as Varsity Sport
Posted on 02/14/2023
A female skier wearing a white and grey snowsuit and a ski bib with the number 17 skis a race at Ragged Mtn. She is passing a blue gate that reads Sport Thoma Ragged Mountain.

The 2022-23 winter season marked a huge milestone for the QNQ Ski team: this is their first official season as an MIAA varsity sport! Our team of 25 racers has been competing in the Ski East League races at Ragged Mountain and improving with every race despite sub-par conditions on the slopes this winter.

The MIAA designation means that our skiers are eligible to qualify for the MA State Championship Alpine Tournament taking place later this month.

Congratulations to our inaugural varsity team, led by captains Julia Gillespie (NQHS, ‘23), Cady Hansbury (NQHS, ‘23), Mattea Garrett (QHS, ‘23), Avery Abrahamovich (NQHS, ‘24), and Max Gaudiano (NQHS, ‘25)!

The full team includes: Thea Bandzak, Artiom Fernandez Correa, Jacquelyn Ferrara, Faye Fitzpatrick, Thomas Ford, Ella Gates, Brooklyn Geary, Chloe Lam, Aidan McCarthy, Lucy McLaughlin, Cassidy Plante, Steele Smith, Nina Smith, Matthew Wallace, Lito Breslin, Sophia Johnston, Henry Lebo, Anna Murphy, Aine O'Donnell and Jack Reilly.