Special Olympics 2023

QPS Celebrates Special Olympics
Posted on 03/03/2023
3 students laying belly-down on scooters collect small objects on the gym floor as they move toward a bucket where they can deposit their findings.

Some days are just more “Special” than others! Elementary students across the district participated in the QPS Special Olympics today in the Quincy High gym - and what an event it was! From parachute games to trampolines to QPD therapy dogs, there was an activity for everyone and each and every station offered our athletes a way to connect with their peers, develop new skills, gain confidence, and, most importantly, have fun.

We extend our thanks to QPS’ Special Olympics Director Dan McHugh, QPS Special Education Director Julie Graham, our amazing Special Education teachers and paraprofessionals, our QHS Early Childhood students for running the event stations, and our many, many volunteers. What a fantastic day!

Image collage shows (clockwise, from top left): A QPS student smiles as she cuddles with one of QPD’s therapy dogs, Rocket; A QPS student bounces on a mat set up at the “high jump” station as a QHS volunteer looks on; A QPS student holds hands with a QHS Early Childhood student volunteer as she bounces on a trampoline; Staff and students surround a large, colorful parachute; as they shake the edges, two balls bounce around the middle; A student prepares to toss a bowling ball down a “lane” created with gym mats to knock down 6 pins at the end of the lane. A QHS Early Childhood student volunteer waits at the end of the lane to reset the pins after his turn; Three students sitting on scooters collect small objects as they scoot around the gym floor; 5 students wait to begin an activity. They are surrounded by QPS teachers and volunteers.