QNQ Jazz Band at MAJE Competition

QNQ Jazz Band at MAJE Competition
Posted on 03/06/2023
14 students appear on a stage, each playing a musical instrument. 10 students are seated, playing brass or reed instruments; 3 stand in back, playing percussion, and one is seated at a piano.

On Thursday, 3/2, the QNQ Jazz Ensemble attended the MAJE (Massachusetts Association for Jazz Educators)-sponsored jazz competition at Canton High School. This is only the second time that this group has attended a competition of this caliber, and we want to congratulate them on scoring a silver medal!

NQHS students in the ensemble include: Kaitlyn Vu (Alto Sax), Jack Pickering (Tenor Sax), Gio MacKenzie (Bari Sax), Anthony Enos (Trumpet), Stephanie Guan (Trumpet), Anders Eshelman (Trumpet), Nicholas Chen (Trombone), Jayden Lin (Piano), Grace Li (Piano), Dominique Dang (String Bass), and Amy Tan (Vibraphone). We congratulate the entire QNQ ensemble and wish them luck next week on their competition at Reading High School on Thursday, 3/9.

Here's a quick clip of their performance of "Symphony in Riffs":