American Genius Series ~ Jobs vs Gates

Relive Gates and Jobs' heated battle to bring the personal computer to the masses. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, entrepreneur and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, politician and businessman Mitt Romney, and others weigh in on the innovation race that forever changed technology and put Microsoft and Apple on the map.

Shark Tank

Being an Entrepreneur is not easy. But is not difficult either. And the best way to make money and your entrepreneurial journey easier is to learn with more mature business people. So where else could you find Billionaires Entrepreneurs, Business Mentors, helping you for free? Shark Tank. Every Shark Tank episode and every Shark Tank season gets better and shares valuable business lessons for students and adults alike.

CareerSafe Online Safety Awareness

The CareerSafe Online Safety Awareness Training course provides students with basic safety awareness training. Topics covered include, preventing falls, personal protective equipment, electrical safety, hazard communication, machine guarding, and other common workplace safety principles that provide a basic foundation of workplace safety practices. CareerSafe Online Safety Awareness is considered a safety credential requirement upon receiving a Chapter 74 Certificate of Occupational Proficiency in a CVTE Program.