COVID-19 Writing Contest Winners

COVID-19 Writing Contest Winners
Posted on 06/18/2020
Dear Students & Families:

Please accept my deepest gratitude for your interest and participation in the COVID-19 Writing Challenge. What started off as a casual conversation with a neighbor quickly turned into a $10,000 writing contest with 821 submissions.

It was no easy task to review such unbelievable works of art. Overall, I learned that each of the students who participated share so many common feelings, emotions and interests generally, but especially during this unique period of history in which we are living. I feel privileged to be able to understand the varying perspectives of a young person, and now have a valuable historical record with which I plan to share with our community and with the world.

We were fortunate to have generous people and organizations within our community to sponsor this competition, and I am listing their names below.
Mr. George Burke, Esq.
Mayor Thomas P. Koch
Feenan Financial Group
XS Brokers
Mr. Brian Radell
Mr. Paul Adamson
E.L. Barrett Company, Inc.
City Council President Nina Liang
City Councilor Brad Croall
Quincy Education Association
Wollaston Hill Neighborhood Association
Montclair Wollaston Neighborhood Association

On behalf of Mayor Koch, Quincy Public Schools and The Highpoint Foundation, it is with great pleasure to announce the winners of the COVID-19 Writing Competition. I am including more details about the winners on the following page. Again, thank you for your participation, keep feeding those minds and hearts while finding your practice, and stay tuned for the next competition.

Ian C. Cain
City Councilor, Ward 3

COVID-19 Writing Competition Results