january 10 Letter from Superintendent Mulvey

January 10 Letter from Superintendent Mulvey/High School Hockey
Posted on 01/11/2021

Dear Quincy and North Quincy High School Hockey Team Staff, Players, and Parents,

Since last spring, Quincy Public Schools administrators and principals have worked tirelessly with the Quincy Health Department to develop protocols and procedures (including contact tracing) that allowed us to safely re-open Quincy Public Schools this past September. Information about social distancing and mask-wearing has been shared repeatedly at School Committee meetings, parent forums, staff meetings, on the Quincy Public Schools website, and in communications from my office and the schools. It is with great disappointment that I viewed the pictures posted on a local newspaper website and social media last night following the Quincy vs. North Quincy Varsity Boys Hockey game. In multiple photographs, student athletes were not wearing masks properly and not keeping appropriate distance from each other.

Based on these pictures, all Varsity Hockey players and staff will be advised to quarantine for 10 days and seek COVID-19 testing. Any student athletes who are currently enrolled in hybrid learning will participate remotely. The Varsity Hockey program will go into hiatus until Wednesday, January 20 to ensure that there is no possibility of COVID-19 transmission.

I will be working with the high school principals, Athletic Directors, and coaches to ensure that these events are not repeated.As always, protecting the health and safety of all staff and students in the Quincy Public Schools and the Quincy community will remain our priority.


Kevin W. Mulvey. J.D.

Superintendent of Schools