QPS Fall 2020 Re-Entry PK-3 Cohort Information

QPS Fall 2020 Re-Entry PK-3 Cohort Information
Posted on 09/03/2020

Student Cohort Information for students in Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and Grades 1-3 is available in the Aspen Student Information System. (aspen.quincypublicschools.com).

Click here for instructions to assist you in locating the information in Aspen.

If you need assistance with logging into Aspen, including your student's ID number or a password reset, please follow this link:  https://forms.gle/2UsHEicRmhgpVany6

If you have questions about your student's cohort assignment, please contact your student's elementary school principal (see below).

  • Amelio Della Chiesa Early Childhood Center, Kerri Connolly, 617-984-8777
  • Atherton Hough, Robin Moreira, 617-984-8797
  • Beechwood Knoll, Janet Loftus, 617-984-8781
  • Bernazzani, Peter Dionne, 617-984-8713
  • Lincoln Hancock, Ruth Witmer, 617-984-8715
  • Clifford Marshall, Nicholas Ahearn, 617-984-8721
  • Merrymount, Courtney Mitchell, 617-984-8762
  • Montclair, Renee Malvesti, 617-984-8708
  • Parker, Margaret MacNeil, 617-984-8710
  • Snug Harbor, Michael Marani, 617-984-8763
  • Squantum, Steve Sylvia, 617-984-8706
  • Wollaston, Jim Hennessy, 617-984-8791