Special Education Team

Julie Graham

Director of Special Education
Quincy Public Schools
34 Coddington Street
Quincy, MA 02169

Director's Message:

The Quincy Public Schools Special Education Department has the privilege of helping students with unique abilities, struggles, and achievement levels to reach their fullest academic potential. We recognize that each student we work with has individual academic ability and achievement levels, as well as individual strengths and needs. To meet these needs, we offer an array of programs that address disabilities in Autism, Developmental Delay, Intellectual Impairment, Sensory (Vision and Hearing) Impairment, Emotional Impairment, Communication Impairment, Specific Learning Disabilities, and Dyslexia, in addition to providing accommodations for Physical and Health Impairments.

We currently service over 1,600 students within our Integrated Pre-Kindergarten classes, Resource Rooms, Substantially Separate classrooms, Inclusion settings, Alternative Programs, and in out-of-district placements. Our teachers have extensive training in specially designed instruction to remediate academic delays. Specialists for Speech and Language, Occupational and Physical Therapy, Adaptive Physical Education, Orientation and Mobility, Music Therapy, and counseling support our special education programming.

As a department, we are committed to our focus on monitoring the progress of all our students so that we may intervene as early as possible. We are constantly striving to improve upon our identification process and are working collaboratively with both the Literacy Team and the English Language Learners Team to ensure that we are identifying students early and considering the diverse needs of our student population.

In addition to the Special Education office, Quincy Public Schools has an active Parent Advisory Council (QPAC) whose members meet quarterly with the Special Education Subcommittee of the Quincy School Committee as well as bi-monthly for support and informational workshops. They maintain a Resource Center, which is located in Quincy High School. QPAC and the Special Education office work collaboratively to support both families and students through Parent Academy Evenings and planned student activities throughout the year.

Improvement Plan:

Special Education Program Improvement Plan

Lexia Reading Core5:

Students can run Lexia's programs directly by using these Student Program URLs:

Core5: http://www.lexiacore5.com/?SiteID=0779-9137-3578-3709

Strategies: http://www.lexiastrategies.com/?/SiteID%200779-9137-3578-3709

Additional Resources and Links:

Special Education Staff:

  • Sarah Anderson: 617-984-8712   

  • Catherine Carey: 617-984-8894   

  • Donna Cunningham: 617-984-8604   

  • Simone Buckley: 617-984-6637

  • Jennifer Leary: 617-984-8896   

Team Evaluations:

All concerns should be addressed with the Principal of your child's school. Note: Students who are educated in private schools at private expense should contact the Principal of the school the student would attend if educated in the local district.

Independent Education Evaluations:

All requests should be in writing to:

Donna Cunningham
Quincy Public Schools
Special Education Department
34 Coddington Street
Quincy, MA 02169