Senior Clerk and Typist - Middle School

Civil Service Vacancy: Senior Clerk and Typist, Middle School

A vacancy exists for a permanent full-time senior clerk and typist at a Middle School.

Applicants must be currently certified through the Massachusetts Department of Human Resources as a junior clerk and typist or permanent intermittent clerk and typist, or applicant must appear on a current Massachusetts Department of Human Resources eligibility list for permanent appointment to this title. However, due to the fact that the Department of Human Resources has not conducted a Civil Service exam for clerk and typist positions since November of 1998, we may be making a provisional appointment to this position. Therefore intermittent clerks and typists should also submit an application if they are interested.

Applicants must be able to perform, according to standard office procedures, a variety of routine clerical duties requiring a limited degree of decision making. Applicants must be able to examine documents for correctness, to prepare forms and other documents, to compile any number of different types of statistics, and to post and maintain general records. Applicants may, for a small percentage of the time, maintain double-entry books of account, may work with payrolls and pay computations, and receive cash receipts. Applicants must be able to maintain any of a number and/or type of files, give information to the public, requisition office supplies, do sorting and mailing, and perfonn duties in which typing is perfonned a large percentage of the time. Applicants should have knowledge of ASPEN, AESOP and MUNIS. Applicants must possess a general knowledge of the operations of a school office. Applicants must have excellent interpersonal skills in dealing with parents, students and staff in a busy high school office. The ability to properly prioritize tasks, to multitask and to concentrate in a distracting environment is essential. Applicants will work under the supervision of the Principal or his designee, and will complete any other tasks as assigned by the principal.

This position is for 197 days per year. Salary will be at Level 6 of the current agreement between the Quincy School Committee and the Quincy Educational Employees Union.  

Interested persons must apply in writing on or before Wednesday, July 10, 2024 to Allison Cox, Senior Director of Human Resources & Educator Development at 34 Coddington Street, Quincy, MA 02169.

Quincy Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, or disability in its educational activities or employment practices.