3.18.2022 North Quincy High School Incident

3.18.2022 North Quincy High School Incident
Posted on 03/18/2022

Dear North Quincy High School Staff, Students, Parents, and Guardians,

We are writing to you at the end of a very difficult day at North Quincy High School (NQHS).  Around 10:30 am, a student reported to a NQHS staff member that they had overheard students discussing having a weapon in school, specifically a gun, and a possible threat to the school.  The staff member immediately notified NQHS administration and the Quincy Police.  The decision was made to put the school in lockdown so that all students and staff would remain in place while the school was searched for evidence of a weapon.  Parents and guardians were notified that NQHS was in lockdown shortly before 11:00 am via School Messenger.

The students who had the conversation were identified and their parents notified so they could be interviewed by the investigators.  The Quincy Police Department, after diligent search, determined that there was no weapon present in North Quincy High School.  Following this determination, students were dismissed from NQHS one classroom at a time beginning around 12:30 pm.  Parents and guardians were notified via School Messenger prior to starting dismissal.  Once the building was cleared, the Quincy Police K-9 units were utilized to once again sweep the building and confirm that no weapon was present.  The Quincy Police Department is continuing to investigate the incident and we will update you when the investigation is complete.  

We are very thankful for the many things that went well today.   We are extremely proud of the way our students and staff handled a very stressful situation, how quickly our administrators and the Quincy Police Department responded, and the thoroughness of the investigation.  Please contact either of us with your questions or concerns; email and phone contact information is below.



Kevin W. Mulvey, J.D.

Superintendent of Schools

[email protected]


Keith S. Ford

Principal, North Quincy High School

[email protected]