5.24.2022 Message from Superintendent Mulvey

5.24.2022 Message from Superintendent Mulvey
Posted on 05/24/2022

Dear Quincy Public Schools Community,


I’m writing to you tonight to share how deeply saddened and heartbroken I am by today’s school shooting in Texas.  This horrific tragedy affects us all and my thoughts are of the young students and staff, their loved ones, and their community as they go through the next days and months.  

Although it occurred hundreds of miles away, a senseless tragedy such as this can cause feelings of frustration, anger, and fear, especially for the safety of our own children and staff members.  As you know, safety and security for our students and staff have long been priorities for the Quincy Public Schools.  Thanks to our strong partnership with the Quincy Police Department, we are fortunate to have three School Resource Officers in our buildings every day.  We have communicated with the Quincy Police Department tonight and have confirmed that there will be a regular police presence in and around our schools during the final weeks of school, including at upcoming scheduled school events.  

Quincy Public Schools administrators and members of the Quincy Police Department continually work together to identify how we can strengthen our practices for school and student safety.   The district has many safety precautions in place at all buildings, including:

  • School entrances are locked during the school day and equipped with cameras, intercoms, and access control devices so that visitors must identify themselves before being admitted to the building.   All visitors are required to sign in and receive a visitor pass.
  • Fingerprinting and background checks are completed for all prospective employees, volunteers, and contractors.  Identification badges are provided and required for all school employees, substitutes, and volunteers.

  • Our schools actively practice lockdown drills and lockout drills; classroom and office doors can be locked in case of an intruder or outside threat.

  • Staff and students are reminded regularly to immediately report concerns to administrators and/or local law enforcement.

Guidance counselors at all levels will be available to meet with any student or staff member who needs assistance in processing these events.  Parents and guardians may need support having difficult conversations with their students; these links may be helpful for these conversations.

As always, should any member of our school community need support please reach out to my office or your school principal. 




Kevin Mulvey