Fifth Grade Leadership Summit

QPS 5th Grade Student Council Leadership Summit
Posted on 02/09/2023
6 students pose with their principal at the end of the program.

It was a day full of LEADERS at the Tirrell Room today! QPS proudly hosted our annual Fifth Grade Student Council Leadership Summit for 5th grade Student Council leaders across the district. We were also fortunate to have our NQHS and QHS Senior Class Officers, our partners and friends from the Hale Family YMCA, Mayor Tom Koch, and Meghan Giovannoni, Associate Vice President of Student Success & Partnerships at Quincy College join us.

Our student leaders enjoyed breakfast, interactive leadership activities, remarks from community leaders Mayor Koch, Ms. Giovannoni, Maya Egan (NQHS ‘23), and Superintendent Mulvey, and a presentation of leadership awards from their principals. We are so proud of all of our student leaders and the positive impact they have on our schools!

QPS 5th Grade Student Council Leaders

Atherton Hough
Shawn Munchbach
Simone Shishkova
Robert Bailey
Brendan Glynn
Juliana Rand
Tayla Chenette
Yuqing Zhen

Noah Ramos
MacKenzie Jordan
Ding Ruan
Pranav Sandaam Gajendran
Swasthika Prasanna
Haoxi Mei
Archisha Niyogi
Sophia Conkey

Hunter Pitre
Jason Chhetri
Jaquelin Mui
Hendricky Moura
Riya Hanson
Adhyasi Kanniappan

Beechwood Knoll
Emmeline Diaz
Sylvia Chen
Jocelyn Wu
Daire O'Connell
Noah Johnson
Gavin Kearns

Zooey (Ruoxin) Zheng
Sara Maciejewska
Weronika Maciejewska
Shourya Deshmukh
Ada Guan

Ruqaya Alzubaidy
Wren Campbell
Grace Joyce
Dottie LeMay
Anna O'Connor
Kai Schow

Tate Vukosa
Devon Francis
Mia Depina
Ema Leno
Emily Hoang
Endi Luli

Point Webster
Faith Harris
Sophia Funes-Pham
Samaiya Richards
Cillian Connor
Enea Shatro
Henry Huynh

Meredith Brennan
Ellana Gelardi
Michelle Gonzalez Morales
Nora Hasson
Beckett Henderson
Agatha Ibrahim

Tyler Lam
Katie Walker
Conor Rush
Lorenzo Arria
Elva Xu
Serena Huang

Snug Harbor
Brooke Baylis
Lily Ellis-Buccini
James Prifti
Alvin Tan
Sylvia Wang
Kate Mei
Cory Burke 



Image collage shows (clockwise, from top left): 14 students stand around a student leader, who is holding a piece of paper up. Several students in the front of the group appear to be debating; 8 students are seated in a circle, working with blue folded paper, attempting to build a tower; A student considers her next step on a grid as 12 other students look on; 5 students seated at a round banquet table hold their water glasses together in a toast; A student is seated at a table, writing on a post-it note; A group of 11 students stand together and smile after completing an activity; Mayor Koch addresses the audience. Behind him, a screen reads “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. ~ John Quincy Adams”