REMINDER: QPS Parent Academy, February 8

REMINDER: QPS Parent Academy, February 8
Posted on 02/07/2022



Tuesday, February 8

at 6:00 pm

Elizabeth K. Englander, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center

Bridgewater State University

Providing a Culture of Care for

Peaceful and Harmonious Schools:

Addressing the Influences of Social Media and Bias

Via Zoom Webinar:

Meeting ID:  829 6518 1541     Passcode: 869783

The webinar will focus on:

  • Trends:  Increases in bias and bias-based conflict
  • How bias can affect children emotionally
  • Factors that can seem or feel "normal" but that contribution to bias, like implicit bias and othering
  • Factors that lead kids to develop biases
  • How bias can be included in media (examples like biasedadvertising in video games, and biased life depictions in social media), and how these impact children (e.g., extremist group          recruitment, poor self-esteem)
  • IMPORTANT:  Steps adults can take to help their kids be more inclusive and less biased