Winter 2023 Globe All-Scholastics

Boston Globe Recognizes QPS Winter Athletes
Posted on 05/01/2023
Will Martin moves the puck during a 2023 QHS boys' hockey game.

The Boston Globe announced its Winter 2023 All-Scholastics yesterday and we are thrilled to recognize the 27 outstanding student-athletes from North Quincy and Quincy High who have earned this prestigious honor.

We are incredibly proud of all of our student-athletes. These young men and women have demonstrated their exceptional athletic ability, dedication, and leadership, while also remaining committed to academics.

Congratulations to all of our All-Scholastic student-athletes:

Girls’ Hockey: Maggie Dineen (NQHS)

Boy’s Hockey: Noah Kearney (NQHS), James Rogers (NQHS), Lincoln Hennessy (QHS), Will Martin (MVP) (QHS)

Girls’ Basketball: Ava Bryan (NQHS), Alyssa Hopps (MVP) (QHS), Caroline Tracey (QHS), Lena Waldron (QHS)

Boys’ Basketball: Nate Caldwell (NQHS), Dylan Clifford (NQHS), Kobe Nguyen (NQHS), Zach Taylor (MVP) (NQHS), Danny Adams (QHS)

Girls’ Indoor Track: Aluna Coogan-Coyne (NQHS), Hannah Moriarty (NQHS), Sofija Slezas (NQHS), Salma Boukhtam (QHS)

Boys’ Indoor Track: Oisin Coogan-Coyne (NQHS), Jayden Francois (QHS), Jacey Ham (QHS), Alex Martinez (QHS)

Girls’ Swimming: Katrina Tran (QHS)

Boys’ Swimming: Kenny Guan (MVP) (QHS), Kalok Li (QHS), Isaac Ng (QHS)

Girls’ Alpine Skiing: Avery Abrahamovich (QHS)

Image collage shows (clockwise, from top left): QNQ Girls' hockey's Maggie Dineen moves the puck during a game; Alyssa Hopps (QHS) shoots a basketball during a game; Zach Taylor (NQHS) drives to the hoop with the basketball in a game; two QNQ female runners race in an indoor track meet; a QNQ male swimmer swims in a meet; Avery Abrahamovich competes in an alpine ski race.