May 22, 2024 School Committee Meeting

May 22, 2024 School Committee Meeting
Posted on 05/20/2024
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Regular Meeting of the Quincy School Committee

Wednesday, May 22, 2024, 6:30 pm
City Council Chambers, Historic City Hall

I. Call to Order: Roll Call, Pledge of Allegiance, In Memoriam

II. Open Forum: An opportunity for community input regarding the Quincy Public Schools. Community in this context is defined as a resident of the City of Quincy, a parent of a student who attends the Quincy Public Schools, or an employee of the Quincy Public Schools. Non-community persons not permitted to speak at Open Forum may submit written statements to the School Committee. After giving his or her name and address, each speaker may make a presentation of no more than four minutes to the School Committee. An individual may not exchange their time or yield to others. Interested parties may also submit written statements to: [email protected].

III. Superintendent’s Report

A. Student Recognitions:
    Class of 2024 National Honor Society Members
    Class of 2024 Seal of Biliteracy Recipients

B. Upcoming Quincy Public Schools & City of Quincy Events

  • High School Leadership Summer, May 23

  • Middle School Citywide Track Meet, May 23

  • NQHS Art Show, May 23

  • All City Jazz Band Concert, May 23 o Memorial Day Events

  • Mayor Koch’s Senior Breakfasts, May 28 & 29

  • All City Symphonic & Pops Band Concert, May 28

  • Parent Academy: Welcome to Kindergarten, May 30

  • ELPAC Meeting, May 30

  • Point Webster & Clifford Marshall Fun Run, June 1

  • Point Webster Middle School Drama: Jukebox Time Machine, June 3

  • QPS Special Olympics, June 7

  • High School Graduations: June 10 & 11

  • Flag Day Parade, June 15

IV. Old Business:

A. Revision of Policy Book Section 10.19 Concussion Policy - Mr. Gutro
(DISCUSSION) This item is eligible for vote at the June 12, 2024 meeting.

V. New Business:

A. FY2025 Quincy Public Schools Budget - Mr. Mullaney

B. Request for Funding for Outside Legal Counsel - Mr. Bregoli, Mrs. Cahill Mrs. Hubley, Mrs. Lebo

C. Overview of Adjustment Counselors - Mrs. Lebo
for referral to Teaching & Learning Subcommittee

VI. Consent Agenda (ROLL CALL VOTE)

A. Regular Meeting Minutes: May 8, 2024

B. Executive Session Minutes: May 8, 2024

C. Donations: Choral Risers valued at $7,046.84 from Granite Telecommunications for Atherton Hough Elementary School.

VII. Additional Business:

VIII. Communications:

A. Upcoming School Committee Meetings: Regular Meeting on June 12, 2024 at 6:30 pm at the Coddington Building.

B. Upcoming Subcommittee Meetings (at the Coddington Building): June 6, 2024 at 6:00 pm: FY2025 Budget Public Hearing; FY2025 Budget & Finance; Teaching & Learning; Policy

C. Workshop Meeting (to be scheduled) to review the School Committee Goals document.

IX. Reports of Subcommittees:

A. Quarterly Budget & Finance: Summary of the May 8, 2024 meeting Mayor Koch

B. Teaching & Learning: Mrs. Lebo

  • Summary of May 15, 2024 meeting

  • Removal of #6 Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum Map and #9 2023-2024 Superintendent’s Goals from the items in Subcommittee (VOICE VOTE)

C. Policy: Mr. Gutro

  • Summary of May 15, 2024 meeting o

  • Remove #5 Creating Health Screenings Policy from the items in Policy Subcommittee (item was incorporated into revision of section 10.11.1 Physical Examination of Students) (VOICE VOTE)

X. Executive Session: None

XI. Adjournment:


Quincy, MASSACHUSETTS – May 22, 2024

Regular Meeting of the Quincy School Committee

Regular Meeting

Vice-Chair Presiding

A meeting of the Quincy School Committee was held on Wednesday, May 22, 2024 at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at Historic City Hall.

Superintendent Kevin Mulvey called the roll and present were Mayor Thomas P. Koch, School Committee Chair and School Committee Members Mr. Paul Bregoli, Mr. Doug Gutro, Mrs. Kathryn Hubley, Mrs. Emily Lebo, Mrs. Courtney Perdios, and School Committee Vice Chair Mrs. Tina Cahill.

Also present were: Superintendent Kevin Mulvey, Assistant Superintendent Erin Perkins, Ms. Edie Boynton, Ms. Kim Connolly, Ms. Allison Cox, Mr. Michael Draicchio, Mr. Keith Ford, Mr. Daniel Gilbert, Ms. Julie Graham, Ms. Keriann Hart, Ms. Andrea Huwar, Ms. Sarah Levine, Mr. Michael Marani, Mr. James Mullaney, Ms. Maura Papile, Mr. Keith Segalla, Mr. Edward Smith, Mr. Lawrence Taglieri, Ms. Alicia Ten-Pow Negeri, Ms. Heather Wojcik; QHS Student Representative Mina Al-Tikriti; former School Committee member Frank Santoro; and Ms. Laura Owens, Clerk.

School Committee observed a moment of silence for the following Quincy Public Schools retirees who passed away recently: Lucinda Morrisey Ellard, school nurse at North Quincy High School for twenty years.

Mrs. Cahill read the following statement into the record: Pursuant to the Open Meeting Law, any person may make an audio or video recording of this public meeting or may transmit the meeting through any medium. Attendees are therefore advised that such recordings or transmissions are being made whether perceived or unperceived by those present and are deemed acknowledged and permissible.


Superintendent’s Report

Mayor Koch made a motion to take the agenda out of order and move to the Superintendent’s Report. Mrs. Lebo seconded the motion and on a roll call vote, the ayes have it.

Superintendent Mulvey opened his report by introducing the Student Recognitions for the members of the Class of 2024 who are being recognized for their status in the National Honor Society and being awarded the Seal of Biliteracy

Advisors Sara Levine from Quincy High School and Kerriann Hart from North Quincy High School presented the members of the class of 2024 who are active members of the National Honor Society.

From Quincy High School: Ryan Aitsaid, Tayf Al-Saad, Mina Al-Tikriti, Amina Aminer, Katherine Bardwell, Emma Bateman, Salma Boukhtam, Preston Cavin, Endi Cenomeri, Kelly Chan, Anita Chen, Emily Chin, Kieran Collins, Grace Connor, Celia Cronin, Lyna Dang, Sonia Dijkstra, Kathy Duong, Aidan Fisher, Devereux Fuller, Erin Garvin, Ciara Golden, Giada Guarino, Tim Heise, Isabelle Hogan, Matthew Hollatz, William Lanergan, Michelle Le, Tiffany Lee, Katelyn Leong, Tameka Liang, Isabel Llamas, Teddy Maher, Ganga Mahesh, Leili Mahrouk, Trevor Mangino, Paige Mann, Ross Mwafulirwa, Amy Nguyen, Shayla Nguyen, Meira Oakes, Victor Pereira, Dillan Perkins, Lena Pham, Michelle Phung, Eva Picarski, Maia Popa, Margaret Potts, Katherine Ramos, Sneha Rana, Declan Rogers, Matilda Rollins, Kaitlyn Sampson, Mollie Smith-Gaeta, Kyle Tolini, Khoi-Henry Tran, Nancy Tran, Stanley Tran, Dylan Vo, Hannah Waters, Henry Wilde, Jenny Wong, Alp Yokus, Xin Tang Zhao

From North Quincy High School: Avery Abrahamovich, Jonathan Jasper Baldini, Jessica Berberi, Victoria Berry, Anastasiya Bielova, Elle Blahut, Ava Bryan, Angela Chen, Franklin Chen, Jasmine Chen, Julia Chen, Mabel Chen, Nelson Chen, Nichole Chen, Steven Chen, Thomas Chen, Vicky Chen, Elizabeth Cheung, Maggie Ching, Nathan Choi, Diana Dang, Boubakar Diallo, Arli Dylja, Parker Evans, Faye Fitzpatrick, Brooklyn Geary, Joana Gjini, Jasmine (Xiu Ying) Huang, Laura Jiang, Cameron Johnston, Sophia Kyranis, Ashley (Hong Ni) Lau, Kimberly Le, Derek Lee, Kyra Lee, Keldon Lei, Jasmine Li, Aixin Liang, Vicky Liao, Victon (Wenbin) Liao, Chryzza Librea, Christine Lin, Jiahin Lin, Shiyan Lu, Grace McGough, Vanessa Mei, Isabelle Ng, Jessie Pan, Nicky Pham, Sophia Ngo, Anushka Raj, Sofija Slezas, Zara Valencius, Chloe Wu, Fanny Yang, Yuxi Yang, Jialin Yu, Roseley Zhang, Jamie Zheng, Wendy Zou, Connor Zynda

For the Seal of Biliteracy, the students have demonstrated proficiency in English and another language, including Albanian, Arabic, Burmese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai,and Vietnamese. Coordinator of English Learner Education Heather Wojcik, World Languages Department Chairs Alicia Ten-Pow Negeri from North Quincy High School and Edie Boynton from Quincy High School presented the students being recognized.

From North Quincy High School: Jonathan Jasper Baldini (Italian & Spanish), Jessica Berberi (Spanish), Victoria Berry (Russian), Sofia Caraballa (Spanish), Jiaqing Chen (Mandarin), Yi Chen (Mandarin), Jason Chen (Mandarin), Julia Chen (Spanish), Nicholas Cheung (Mandarin), Elizabeth Cheung (Spanish), Boubakar Diallo (French), Brooklyn Geary (Spanish), Joana Gjini (French), Zirou Li (Mandarin), Jiahan Lin (Mandarin), Xiaobin Mei (Mandarin), Joseph Ethan Mercado (Tagalog), Aye Mon (Burmese), Juan Morales (Spanish), Jessie Pan (French & Mandarin), Ruoxin Qiu (Mandarin), Fiona Saraci (Albanian), Anna Sekmokas (Russian), Yayi Situ (Mandarin), Sofija Slezas (Lithuanian & French), Lina Wang (Mandarin), Chloe Wu (Spanish)

From Quincy High School: Eduarda Albino (Portuguese), Tayf Alsaad (Arabic), Joaquim Baiense (Portuguese), Guadalupe Bengoa (Spanish), Ingrid Caetano Souza (Portuguese & Spanish), Mayara Clem (Portuguese), Anna Correa (Portuguese), Miguel dos Reis (Portuguese), Jeannette Figueroa (Spanish), Tim Heise (German), Lam Huynh (Vietnamese), Pichsinee Jindawit (Thai), Stacey Laurente (Tagalog), Amanda Leao Bicalho (Portuguese), Isaac Lee (Korean), Isabel Llamas (Spanish), Hai Luong (Vietnamese), Rigo Martinez (Spanish), Sophia Martins Rodrigues (Portuguese), Bao Ngan Nguyen (Vietnamese), Victor Anderson Pereira (Portuguese), Ilgert Shehaj (Albanian), Kimi Vallee (French), Edwin Vino (Spanish), Jiangnan Zhu (Mandarin)

After a brief recess, Superintendent Mulvey continued his report, updating on the many celebrations and events planned for the last few weeks of the school year.On May 23, 100 rising seniors from Quincy and North Quincy High School will gather at Granite Links for the annual Leadership Summit; in the afternoon, the rescheduled Middle School Citywide Spring Track meet will be held at Faxon Field at 3:15 pm; and in the evening, the North Quincy High School Art Show will be held in the Atrium of Honor beginning at 5:30 pm and at 6:00 pm, the All-City Jazz Band concert will be held in the Peter Chrisom Auditorium at North Quincy High School.

Many schools are hosting observances for Memorial Day, including Beechwood Knoll is on Thursday, May 23 and Snug Harbor on Friday, May 24, both at 9:00 a.m. The City of Quincy Memorial Day Parade will be held on Monday, May 27 at 10:30 am beginning at the Quincy Credit Union and ending with a ceremony of remembrance at the Mount Wollaston Cemetery.

Thanks to Mayor Koch for once again hosting his annual breakfast for graduating seniors on Tuesday, May 28 at Quincy High School and Wednesday, May 29 at North Quincy High School.

The final Citywide Music Program concert of the school year is the Symphonic & Pops Band concert on May 28 at 6:00 pm at Quincy High School.

Our newest QPS families are invited to the Welcome to Kindergarten Parent Academy on Thursday, May 30 at 6:00 pm at Central Middle School to learn about the curriculum and learning opportunities for their students. The last English Learner Parent Advisory Council meeting of the school year will be held on Thursday, May 30 at 6:00 pm on Zoom, featuring a presentation on Quincy Recreation Department summer programming and welcoming new board members for the next school year.

Point Webster & Clifford Marshall PTOs are hosting the annual Family Fun Run & Wellness Expo on Saturday, June 1 from 9:00 to 11:30 am. Point Webster Middle School Drama Club will present Jukebox Time Machine on Monday, June 3 at 6:00 pm.

Quincy Public Schools will hold a Special Olympics event for students in Grades 3 and up on Friday, June 7 at Creedon Field, followed by a picnic lunch, thanks to the talents of the Quincy High School Culinary students. Graduation ceremonies will be held on Monday, June 10 for North Quincy High School and Tuesday, June 11 for Quincy High School, both at Veterans Memorial Stadium at 6:00 pm.

The 73rd Annual Flag Day events will be held on Saturday, June 15 with the parade beginning from in front of City Hall at 7:00 pm, the flag raising at 8:00 pm at Pageant Field, and a fireworks display at 9:00 pm.


Open Forum

School Committee resumed the order of the Agenda and moved to Open Forum.

Ms. Sarah Alessandro, Ms. Lori Earl, Ms. Claire Fitzmaurice, Mr. Peter Ng, Dr. Stephen Tang, Ms. Shivreet Singh, Ms. Amy Sorensen-Alawad, Mr. Jack Donahue, Ms. Truc Lai, and Mr. Tommy Leung all spoke in support of adding Lunar New Year as an observed holiday on the Quincy Public Schools calendar.


Old Business

Policy 10.19

Mr. Gutro reviewed that a proposed revision to School Committee Policy 10.19 Concussion Policy was approved at the May 15, 2024 Policy Subcommittee meeting and is eligible for discussion tonight. This item is eligible for vote at the June 12, 2024 School Committee meeting.


New Business

FY2025 Quincy Public Schools Budget

Assistant Superintendent Erin Perkins and Director of Business James Mullaney presented an overview of the FY2025 Quincy Public Schools Budget, reviewing the Superintendent’s Leadership and Principal Teams process of reviewing enrollment projections, evaluating programs, and making recommendations for shifts and additional positions and expenditures as needed. The total budget is $142,536,467, which consists of the Mayor’s appropriation from the City budget of $134,186,467; projected Circuit Breaker funding of $7,350,000; and $1,000,000 in ESSER funding. Through the support of expenditures in other City departments that benefit the school system, such as the Public Buildings, Public Works, Natural Resources, Police, and Fire, approximately 51% of the City budget is focused on public education. After accounting for level services, negotiated contractual increases, step and level increases, there is $2,458,318 available for additional positions to address class size and add to academic and academic support programs.

Two academic classroom teacher positions are shifting to academic programs; for academic program staffing, there are an additional 15.0 positions proposed (for the Dr. Rick DeCristofaro Learning Center: 1.0 Art Teacher, 1.0 Music Therapist, 1.0 Adaptive Physical Education, 1.0 Speech & Language; 6.0 Special Education Teachers); 2.0 Math Interventionists (previously in ESSER funding); 3.00 EL Teachers. For Academic Support, a net increase of 23.70 positions (2.0 Coordinators, 5.0 Family Liaisons, 1.7 IT positions from ESSER funding; for theDr. Rick DeCristofaro Learning Center 9.0 Special Education paraprofessionals, 1.0 Principal, 2.0 Occupational Therapist, 1.0 Nurse, 1.0 Guidance). For Non-Academic Support, an additional 7.5 positions (for the Dr. Rick DeCristofaro Learning Center, 1.5 Custodial, 1.0 Security, 2.0 Lunch Staff; 3.0 Security positions previously in ESSER funding).

For Subsidized Services, the School Nutrition department is providing free breakfasts and lunch under funding from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. There is revenue from additional item sales and certain expenses, such as elementary lunch staff are paid from this revolving account. For Building Rentals, recommending an increase of hourly rates to $50 for the Quincy youth program rate, $75 for Quincy adult program rate, and $100 for groups from outside Quincy. For Athletics fees, recommending no changes to current fee structure.

On the Academic Expense side, the proposal is to increasing funding for supplies, text and learning, and software for the Dr. Rick DeCristofaro Learning Center and to replace ESSER funding. The translation budget will be lowered by $200,000.00. On the Non-Academic expense side, increases for natural gas, electricity, and telephone and internet accounts for the Dr. Rick DeCristofaro Learning Center are proposed. In summary, 94% of allocation for additional funding is focused on Academic Programs and Academic Support.

Mrs. Hubley asked for and received confirmation that all ESSER-funded positions have been absorbed in the Quincy Public Schools budget.

Mrs. Lebo is grateful that the Dr. Rick DeCristofaro Learning Center is able to be fully staffed to open in Fall 2024, and also that the budget allows for the retention of Math Interventionists, Family Liaisons, and other important gains for the last few years

Mayor Koch asked for more clarification on the Dr. Rick DeCristofaro Learning Center enrollment. Dr. Perkins said there are 15 students coming from Pre-Kindergarten CARES classes that were likely candidates for outplacement who will remain in the district who will now be able to remain in Quincy Public Schools and not be transported to other towns. There are so many benefits for our students, families, and the community to keep these students closer to home. The tuition and transportation savings for keeping two students in district will fund a classroom teacher and paraprofessionals for a school year.

Mayor Koch does not support raising the rental rate for youth groups. Mayor Koch asked if students who are in drama, band, or other clubs pay fees. Mayor Koch is concerned that Athletics fees are an equity issue, would like to find the funding to eliminate these, if not in this year’s budget, then next year’s. Mr. Mullaney said the fees were instituted in 2008 when budget issues were deep.

Mr. Bregoli asked if the Dr. Rick DeCristofaro Learning Center would be open to students from other communities and the students home towns would pay tuition. Dr. Perkins said that is the goal, as space allows. A tuition rate would need to be set by School Committee following DESE approval.


New Business

Request for Funding For Outside Legal Counsel

Mrs. Lebo made a motion to seek independent legal counsel to offer an opinion on City Council’s authority to override a vote of the Quincy School Committee. Mrs. Hubley seconded the motion.

On the motion, Mayor Koch noted that the City Council has always been supportive of the Quincy Public Schools. Mayor Koch will not support the motion and will sign the ordinance from City Council.

Mrs. Perdios said that this motion sends a message to Asian students and families. Mrs. Perdios requested that City Solicitor Timmins to issue a written response based on an analysis of the City Charter and state regulations on the authority of City Council to override the vote of the School Committee.

Mr. Gutro noted that he has served on both the City Council and School Committee. Mr. Gutro asked if the City Council cannot create a holiday under the City Charter, what is their authority to override the School Committee. Mr. Gutro is concerned that there was no notification of School Committee Vice Chair prior to the ordinance being amended and the opinion from the Massachusetts Association of School Committees was shared and went unacknowledged by City Council before their unanimous vote on May 20.

Mrs. Lebo agrees that there has been a collaborative relationship between City Council and School Committee, but feels it is important to get a legal opinion and clarification, otherwise what is to stop City Council to from doing so again. This ordinance is precedent-setting and has ramifications for School Committees across the state.

Mr. Mullaney confirmed there is over $20,000.00 in the Legal account. Superintendent Mulvey estimated the opinion will be a flat fee of less than $5,000.

Mayor Koch said the City Solicitor can provide a written legal opinion.

Mrs. Perdios suggested that the vote be tabled until the next meeting to give time for the City Solicitor to prepare an opinion before the June 12 School Committee opinion. Mrs. Perdios asked for and received confirmation that the unexpended legal funding could be transferred to other accounts.

Mrs. Cahill said that this issue is not specifically about Lunar New Year, this is about the City Council and the School Committee and the roles under the City Charter. Mrs. Cahill would like to move forward with the vote.

Mr. Bregoli said that School Committee authority was undermined by Education Reform, this about a separation of powers, defining School Committee authority.

Mrs. Perdios objected to the item, requested it sit on the table to the next meeting.

Mr. Gutro asked for clarification, his understanding that the objection has to be made before the discussion takes place. Superintendent Mulvey

Mrs. Lebo moved the question to vote.

Mayor Koch disagrees with the decision to move forward.

Mrs. Lebo restated the motion, for School Committee to seek funding for independent legal counsel to determine if City Council has the jurisdiction to override a vote of the School Committee.

On a roll call vote, the ayes have it, 5-2. Mr. Bregoli, Mrs. Cahill, Mr. Gutro, Mrs. Hubley, and Mrs. Lebo voted YES. Mayor Koch and Mrs. Perdios voted NO


New Business

Referral to Teaching & Learning

Mrs. Lebo made a motion to move Overview of Adjustment Counselors to the Teaching & Learning Subcommittee. Mrs. Hubley seconded the motion and on a voice vote, the ayes have it,


Consent Agenda

Mayor Koch made a motion to approve the items listed under the Consent Agenda: Approval of the May 8, 2024 Regular Meeting Minutes and the May 8, 2024 Executive Session Minutes; Donation of Choral Risers for Atherton Hough Elementary School Valued at $7,046.84 from Granite Telecommunications. Mrs. Hubley seconded the motion and on a roll call vote, the ayes have it, 7-0.


Additional Business

There was no Additional Business.



Mrs. Cahill noted that the last School Committee Regular Meeting of the school year is scheduled on June 12, 2024 at the Coddington Building at 6:30 pm. Upcoming Subcommittee Meetings (at the Coddington Building): June 6, 2024, starting at 6:00 pm: FY2025 Budget Public Hearing, FY2025 Budget & Finance; Teaching & Learning; Policy.


Reports of Subcommittees

Mrs. Cahill noted that Subcommittee meeting minutes are posted on the Quincy Public Schools website on the School Committee page.

Mayor Koch reviewed the Quarterly Budget & Finance Subcommittee meeting held on May 15, 2024, where Director of Business James Mullaney presented an overview of the FY2024 3rd Quarter expenditures.

Mrs. Lebo reviewed the Teaching & Learning Subcommittee meeting held on May 15, 2024, where the Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum was reviewed, along with a presentation on Professional Development.

Mrs. Lebo made a motion to remove Items #6 Social-Emotional Curriculum Map and #9 2023-2024 Superintendent’s Goals from the items in Teaching & Learning Subcommittee.Mrs. Hubley seconded the motion and on a voice vote, the ayes have it.

Mr. Gutro reviewed the Policy Subcommittee meeting held on May 15, 2024, where the proposed revision to Section 10.19 Concussion Policy was approved. In addition, a preliminary discussion about revisions to Section 2.3.3 Subcommittees of the School Committee was held.

Mr. Gutro made a motion to remove the item #5 Creating Health Screenings Policyfrom Policy Subcommittee. Mrs. Hubley seconded the motion, and on a voice vote, the ayes have it.

As there were no changes requested, the minutes of the May 15, 2024 Quarterly Budget & Finance, Teaching & Learning, and Policy Subcommittees were approved as presented.


Executive Session

There was no Executive Session.



Mr. Bregoli made a motion to adjourn the Regular Meeting at 8:40 pm. Mrs. Lebo seconded the motion and on a voice vote, the ayes have it.