LDC Classroom School Supply Lists

2023-2024 School Supplies for BMMS Language Development Classrooms (LDC)
Posted on 08/15/2023
School Supply Lists 2023-2024

2023-2024 School Supplies
BMMS Language Development Classrooms (LDC)

Incoming Grade 6 students should purchase (3 binders in total) 1-inch wide ring binder in the following colors:

-Red for Math
-Blue for Social Studies
-Green for Science

Please note - If you can’t find some of these colors, purchase a 1-inch wide, white binder for that subject.

*Grade 7 & 8 students can use their 3-ring binders that were purchased last year and do not need to purchase new binders.

All students need:
one pencil case and writing utensils for all classes
#2 pencils, non-mechanical - enough for the year
box of 12 colored pencils
box of colored markers
4 glue sticks
a lock for their hallway locker (optional)

3 notebooks in total: 1-subject notebook in the following colors:

-Red for Math
-Purple for ELA
-Yellow for Reading

1 Composition book in any color - either ruled or graph for Science

4 folders in total: plastic 2-pocket folder in the following colors:

-Red for Math
-Purple for ELA
-Yellow for Reading
-Blue for Social Studies

Agenda books will be provided by QPS during the first week of school.

Tissues and cleaning wipes are always welcome as a donation for each teacher/classroom.