Art and Music

A North Quincy music student plays the harp at a winter concert.

Art & Music at North Quincy High School

The arts departments at NQHS offer students the opportunity to experience a wide range of learning and performance opportunities within the arts. The curriculum emphasizes the development of skills and fosters creative spirit. Through our art classes, students will be able to: (1) express ideas, emotions, and beliefs; (2) acquire and apply the essential skills and literacies unique to each art form; (3) participate in the cultural life of the community; and (4) use imaginative and reflective thinking during all phases of creating and performing.

NQHS offers full-year music electives in Choral Performance and Band for students in all grades. Ninth- and tenth-grade students may elect semester-long courses in introductory Art, Digital Photography, Graphics, and Theater. These can be taken in combination with one another or with semester-long electives in other departments, like Computer Applications, Fundamentals of Engineering, Creative Writing Workshop, and Nutrition and Wellness. Full-year electives for tenth-, eleventh-, and twelfth-grade students are available in Art, Photography, Graphics and Visual Design, and Music Theory and Appreciation.

Art & Music Faculty