Special Education Parents Guide

Quincy Public Schools recognizes that many students have learning challenges. To meet these needs, we offer a wide array of programs—everything from extra assistance in a regular classroom setting to substantially separate intensive, therapeutic environments. Intervention can begin as early as pre-school and continue through high school.

Please contact our Director of Special Education at 617-984-8803 if you have questions or concerns about your child or any of our programs.

Quincy SEPAC - Quincy Special Education Parent Advisory Council:

Quincy Special Education Parent Advisory Council (Quincy SEPAC) is a formally organized group of parents and other interested persons committed to the best possible services for children with special needs. The council, established in 1977, functions under the state mandate for MA regulations. The Quincy Parent Advisory Council meets four times per year following the Special Education Subcommittee meetings. Meetings provide information, insights, techniques, and encouragement through informal discussions and special presentations.

Quincy School Committee Subcommittee on Special Education:

The purpose of this subcommittee is to provide the School Committee with direction on the issues and programs which affect special education students in our school system. Please see the School Committee meeting calendar for information regarding upcoming meetings.