November 15, 2006 School Committee Agenda


Regular Meeting of the Quincy School Committee
November 15, 2006

City Council Chambers
7:00 p.m.

I. Approval of Minutes: Regular session minutes for November 1, 2006.

II. Superintendent’s Report:

  • Holiday Concert Schedule
  • Community Service Learning Event (11/16)
  • Tis the Season... Partnership Event (12/5)
  • Eastern Massachusetts Lego League Middle School Tournament
  • American Education Week

III. Open Forum: An opportunity for community input regarding the Quincy Public
Schools. After giving his or her name and address, each speaker may make a
presentation of no more than four minutes to the School Committee.

IV. Old Business:

A. Update on building projects, renovations, and construction: Mr. Canavan
to report.
B. Update on the New Quincy High School: Mr. Ryan to report.
C. MASC/MASS Resolutions: Mrs. Mahoney to report.

V. New Business:

A. MCAS: (Overview of Results): See Attachment A.
B. School Improvement Plans: Ms. Stice to report
C. Gift: Donation from National Fire Protect to Quincy High School's Plumbing Department.: See Attachment B.

VI. Additional Business:

VII. Communications:

VIII. Hearings - none

IX. Reports of Special Committees:

X. Executive Session:

XI. Adjournment:

Subcommittees of the School Committee

Subcommittee Date Referred Business Pending
Budget & Finance
McCarthy/Stice/Mahoney 11/19/2003 Vending Machines in Schools
  1/7/2004 Marshall Remedial Action Plan
  5/27/2004 (Subcommittee) Transportation Fees
Building Needs    
Dwyer/McCarthy/Timmins Major Building Projects  
  3/4/98 QHS/Central/Sterling Building Plans
  10/4/2000 Use of Central Middle School
  10/20/2004 ADA Report
  9/7/2005 Alternative Plans for Central Middle School
  1/25/2006 Fire Extinguishers
  1/25/2006 Outdoor Lighting
  2/8/2006 Conservation
  5/3/2006 Notice of Intent
Health, Safety & Security    
Mahoney/Dwyer/Timmins 10/19/2005 "Heelys"
  1/11/2006 Health Curriculum
  10/18/2006 NQHS Traffic & Drop off
School Policy    
Stice/Mahoney/Mulvey 1/10/2001 Policy Manual
  1/9/2002 Early Childhood Ed.
  1/9/2002 Common Goals
  11/19/2003 Vending Machines in Schools
  6/21/2006 Veterans Memorial Stadium
  9/6/2006 Dress Code
  10/4/2006 Superintendent's Evaluation
  10/18/2006 Sliding Scale for Student Fees
Special Education    
Rules, Post Audit & Oversight