Health Info for Parents

New Student:

All students new to Quincy Public Schools must have a copy of a physical exam. This must have been done within the past 12 months. Immunizations must be up to date with a copy of their immunizations reviewed by the school nurse before entering. For specific grade requirements please see the immunization section. Physical exam and immunization forms can be found below and in the printable forms section.


The Massachusetts Department of Public Health requires certain immunizations before beginning school. Further information can be found at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Immunization Form


To play sports at the middle and high school level you must provide the following information to the school nurse or coach:

  • A copy of a recent physical exam - This must have been done within the last thirteen months and signed by your health care provider. If your child has not an exam in the last thirteen months, please call your provider to schedule an appointment occasionally the school doctor comes to the school to do exams. These exams are reserved for students who do not have a health care provider of their own. If your child has not had an exam and cannot get an appointment please contact the school nurse so that she can help you find a way for your child to play. Massachusetts Health Care Provider's Examination Form.
  • A current MIAA Sports Medical Questionnaire - filled out and signed by a parent/guardian.
  • Athletic Permit Card- filled out and signed by parent/guardian.
  • Sports Eligibility guidelines.

It is the responsibility of the student to submit all three forms together. The student will not be allowed to practice or play if these requirements are not completed.


Screenings are done for vision, hearing, scoliosis, heights and weights, and BMI (body mass index). Screenings are different for all grades.

If your child does not pass a screening you will be notified by the school nurse and recommendations made for the appropriate follow-up. Please feel free to discuss this with your school nurse if you have any questions or concerns.


Quincy Public Schools Health Services have medication policies in place to ensure the health and safety of children needing medications during the school day. No medication is allowed in school without the proper authorization. This includes all prescription and non-prescription medications.

This policy requires that an authorization for medication form and a medication order be on file in your child's health office before we can begin to give any medicine in school. Forms required for all medications follow and can be found here LINK

  • Parent Authorization- please complete the consent form and give it to your school nurse. In the case of an inhaler please be sure to indicate if you wish your child to be able to carry it themselves.
  • Medication Order-the medication order part of the form should be taken to your child's licensed prescriber (physician or nurse practitioner) for completion and then returned to the school nurse. This order should be rewritten if there is a change of dose and at the beginning of each academic year.

A responsible adult should deliver the medication to the school in a pharmacy labeled container. Please ask your pharmacy to provide separate bottles for home and school. No more than a thirty day supply of the medicine should be delivered to the school. If your child is to carry an inhaler, please provide a second inhaler to the nurse's office for backup use.

Common Medications:

Quincy Public School heath offices have standing orders from the school physician to give four common over the counter medications to students with written parental consent.

Parental Consent for the Administration of Non-Prescription Medication form must be filled out and returned to the school nurse before any medication can be given. The medication consent form is sent home at the beginning of each school year and should be returned as soon as possible.