Jan. 26, 2011 Policy Sub Meeting

Policy Subcommittee

Agenda Wednesday January 26, 2011
Superintendent’s Conference Room 4:00 P.M

  1. Welcome and Roll Call

  2. CPR, AED and First Aide - Jane Kisielius, Coordinator of Health Services
    A. Update on who is trained
    B. Students receiving training

  3. Attendance and Tardy Policy - High School Principals
    A. Clarification on Enforcement of Policy
    B. Notification to Parents and Acceptable Notes

  4. Student Use of Electronics
    A. Letter NQ Student Tessie McGough
    B. Student Handbook

  5. 2011‐2012 School Calendar and School Committee Calendar
    A. Jewish Holidays
    B. Calendar and Meeting Dates

  6. High School Open Enrollment
    A. Superintendent’s Letter 1/18/10

  7. February Meeting Date