About Our District

Quincy Public Schools

Public education is strongly supported in Quincy for its all-important role in both the development of individuals as citizens and as productive members of the local and regional economy. The Quincy Public Schools possess a long-standing tradition for innovative curriculum and excellence in public education.

Quincy Public Schools is comprised of 11 elementary schools, five middle schools, two high schools, an early childhood center and a comprehensive extended and continuing education program.

Students attend schools based on neighborhood areas. Our street directory provides the boundary area information for specific elementary, middle and high schools. Enrollment in Quincy Public Schools varies depending upon the school building. Buildings house regular school programs, system wide programs, and utilize space to meet the changing student needs and demographics.

Low class size has been a priority of the Quincy School Committee. Many elementary schools enjoy enrollment and staffing ratios that yield an average of 20 students for every teacher. The student staffing ratio at the middle and high school levels continue to meet the guidelines approved by the Quincy School Committee. Increases in staffing, addition of new classrooms, and new construction have combined to hold student-staff ratios consistent.

In addition to our programs during the school day we offer a variety of additional educational opportunities before and after school, on Saturdays and during the summer. These opportunities provide both enrichment and remedial instruction to meet the individual needs of all of our students.

Quincy also has private educational resources which further contributes to an abundance of learning opportunities close to home for Quincy residents.