QPS Libraries

The mission of the school library is to encourage recreational reading and provide an inviting, authentic and dynamic learning environment.

Yoda reading small

Smart, I am. Read I do.

The goal of the library program is to teach:

  • library navigation
  • computer skills
  • research skills
  • digital literacy
  • website evaluation

The Recommended Website section of our site includes resources for:

  • researching and writing papers
  • how-to and instructional sites
  • award-winning books and websites
  • learning fun

Check out our sites, or the library catalog, next time you want to find information or need to do some research!

The Teacher Resource page is organized by subject. You can find the best of the web for social studies, science, math and languages. There are also links for interesting presentation tools. Useful for both staff and students.

Our School Library Sites

Our middle school librarians have put together sites with fun resources and reading materials. Please visit the library sites for Atlantic, Broad Meadows, Central, Point Webster and Sterling to learn about special programs, collections and recommended reading.

The high school librarians have been working on websites too, NQHS and QHS.