Nov. 4, 2020 Teaching & Learning Sub Meeting


Quincy School Committee
Teaching & Learning Subcommittee

**This meeting is a Committee of the Whole**

Mrs. Emily Lebo, Teaching & Learning Chair
Mr. Paul Bregoli & Mr. Frank Santoro, Subcommittee Members

Wednesday, November 4, 2020, 5:30 pm
Coddington Building

  1. DESE English Learner Program Audit - Ms. Heather Wojcik

  2. ACCESS Assessments - Ms. Heather Wojcik

  3. English Learner Parent Advisory Council Update - Ms. Heather Wojcik

  4. 2020-21 School and Program Improvement Plans Proposal - Superintendent Mulvey, Ms. Perkins, Ms. Roy

  5. Community Service Learning Graduation Requirement - Superintendent Mulvey, Ms. Perkins, Ms. Roy


Quincy School Committee

Teaching & Learning Subcommittee Meeting ~ November 4, 2020

A meeting of the Teaching & Learning Subcommittee was held on Monday, November 4, 2020 at 5:30 pm in the Coddington Building. Present were Mrs. Kathryn Hubley, Mr. Frank Santoro, and Mrs. Emily Lebo, Chair. Also attending were Superintendent Kevin Mulvey, Assistant Superintendent Erin Perkins, Ms. Maura Papile, Ms. Madeline Roy, Ms. Heather Wojcik, and Ms. Laura Owens, Clerk.

Coordinator of English Learners Heather Wojcik opened her presentation by giving an overview of the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education Program Review, a review that happens every six years. The Program Review will include samples of student records and documentation, data analysis, narrative questions about district procedures, school site visits, and interviews. The selected records will have proportional representation of focus areas (English Learner, Former English Learner, Opt-Out, Translation/Interpretation, English Learners with Disabilities), grades, and languages. Criteria to be reviewed include qualifications of ACCESS Administrators, MCAS Accommodations, Initial Identification Instruments & Procedures, Program Exit Procedures, and Opt-Out Procedures.

Data will be shared to compare the last three school years, currently 15% of Quincy Public Schools students are English Learners. The five most common languages are Chinese (48%), Portuguese (10%), Spanish (8%), Vietnamese (8%), and Arabic (4%). Race and ethnicity data for three years also shared as well as a breakdown of English Learners by school.

Mrs. Lebo asked about the typical level of Opt-Out, Ms. Wojcik said about 20 students across the school district. Mrs. Lebo asked about ACCESS Administrators, all are English Learner teachers or paraprofessionals.

Mr. Santoro asked about students who enter high school with limited formal education who may only be interested in English, Ms. Papile said during the Central Registration process, there is a focus is on the different paths to graduation.

Ms. Wojcik shared a review of the ACCESS data from the Winter 2020 administration, reports were shared electronically in June and physical reports mailed out in September. This English language proficiency test measures students’ academic English language skills across the four language domains of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. 1,296 students took the ACCESS in Grades 1-12, 64% met or exceed the state’s benchmark so have been exited from English Learner programming.

Mrs. Hubley asked about ACCESS administration, this was done online during the school day.

Assistant Superintendent Erin Perkins updated on the English Learner Parent Advisory Council meeting held on November 2, 30 parents/guardians attended and 20 signed up to be part of the planning committee. Staff members from several schools, Central Registration, and QARI also participated in the meeting.

Mrs. Lebo said that the meeting was well presented, lots of information presented and the three translators were great help.

Mr. Santoro emphasized that QARI’s mission is to help newly arrived from all countries.

Mr. Mulvey introduced a proposal for QPS School & Program Improvement Plans for the 2020-2021 School Year. Ms. Roy, Ms. Papile, and Ms. Perkins, representing the Superintendent’s Leadership Team, presented background on the process of reflection and assessment in order to identify areas of improvement that align with district goals and initiatives. The plans are typically reliant on data but also include social-emotional and family engagement goals. Going forward, the proposal is to continue the alignment for the District Goals & Initiatives to the School and Program Goal and Initiatives to the individual educator instructional support goals.

Given that there is no MCAS or MAP data from Spring 2020, the revised plan for School Improvement plans would be a Re-Entry message from Principals; continuation of MAP (adding Grade 8) and MCAS goals, a Culture and Climate goal in the areas of Social-Emotional Support and Equity, Diversity & Inclusion; Professional Development; Extended Day Offerings; Family Engagement; and Facility Needs. Ms. Perkins and Ms. Roy reviewed the previously approved goals from 2019-2020.

Ms. Papile reviewed the Culture & Climate Goal: Sites will incorporate new practices and learning through VISIONS including a deeper collaboration between academic, social emotional learning, and diversity, equity & inclusion teams. Sites will also develop strategies for evaluating youth and family voices to support an implementation plan. Teaching effective relationship building and communication skills across differences utilizing VISIONS guidelines and social, emotional, and academic learning opportunities through an equity lens will be prioritized.

Ms. Roy concluded the presentation with proposed next steps, including School Committee input, sharing the amended plan with the Leadership Team and Principals, revise a plan template with continuation goals and new goals and action steps, collaboration with Principals, and creating a timeline for submission of plans to School Committee.

Mrs. Lebo would like to see a high school goal about transition planning, post-graduate plans.

Mrs. Lebo asked about MCAS administration for remote students, Ms. Roy said that students are most-likely going to be asked to come in to school for the MCAS administration. There is very little guidance available from DESE at this time. Mrs. Lebo said that the last thing she would want to do is add the work the principals need to do, appreciates the continuation goals. Mrs. Lebo said the Culture & Climate goal needs to be SMART, it is not currently measurable.

Mr. Santoro said that the schools should have latitude about the contents about their School Improvement Plans, there shouldn’t be rigid template for the principals. Mrs. Lebo agreed, but this might be a future consideration.

The last item on the agenda was a discussion of the Community Service Learning Graduation Requirement. Superintendent Mulvey reviewed that with the current health and safety regulations, students going into the community will not be permitted. Superintendent Mulvey asked for School Committee to waive the graduation requirement for the class of 2021.

Mr. Santoro made a motion to move the waiver of the High School Community Service Graduation Requirement to the full School Committee for vote. The motion was seconded by Mrs. Lebo and on a voice vote, the ayes have it.

Mr. Mulvey confirmed that the high school principals are in agreement with the waiver request.

Mrs. Hubley asked about ROTC and the Community Service requirement, Mr. Mulvey will confirm that this is also being waived. Ms. Owens mentioned National Honor Society and the Community Service requirement will be investigated.

Mr. Santoro made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:15 pm. Mrs. Lebo seconded the motion and on a voice vote, the ayes have it.