Oct. 6, 2014 Policy Sub Meeting


Quincy School Committee
Policy Subcommittee Meeting
Mr. Paul Bregoli, Chair
Monday, October 6, 2014 at 6:00 P.M.
Coddington Building

  1. Welcome - Mr. Bregoli

  2. Information Technology Program Improvement Plan - Mr. Keith Segalla

  3. Adjournment


Quincy School Committee
Policy Subcommittee Meeting
Monday, October 6, 2014

A meeting of the Policy Subcommittee was held on Monday, October 6, 2014 at 6:00 pm at the Coddington Building. Present were Mrs. Kathryn Hubley, Ms. Barbara Isola, Mrs. Anne Mahoney, Mr. David McCarthy, and Mr. Paul Bregoli, Chair. Also attending were Superintendent DeCristofaro, Deputy Superintendent Kevin Mulvey, Mr. Robert Cavallo, Mrs. Mary Fredrickson, Ms. Ellen Garofalo, Ms. Beth Hallett, Mrs. Ellen Hunter, Mrs. Maura Papile, Mrs. Erin Perkins, Ms. Madeline Roy, Mr. Keith Segalla, Ms. Judy Todd; Ms. Allison Cox, President of the Quincy Education Association; and Ms. Laura Owens, Clerk.

Mr. Bregoli called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. Mr. Keith Segalla presented the Information Technology Program Improvement Plan, reviewing the Information Technology mission: Communication, Infrastructure, Technology Integration, Student Technological Knowledge and Skills, and Professional Development & Training. Partners have been integral to the development of Technology infrastructure, including Boston Scientific, Eastern Bank, City IT. Mr. Segalla thanked School Committee for their support in adding the two Technicians to the IT staff.

Mr. Segalla noted that most of the Information Technology Team Goals for 2014-15 are continuation goals from 2013-2014: The Elementary POS team will (1) review and improve upon the process of Aspen electronic schedules for elementary schools to comply with DESE EPIMS/SCS reporting in conjunction with the Elementary Principal Team and (2) train elementary staff on Aspen Attendance, Scheduling, and Introductions to Standards-Based Grade postings by June 2015. The Middle School POS team will (1) complete middle school schedules by June 2015 and (2) review and update the Grade 8 high school course selection process as needed by January 2015. The High School POS team will (1) consistently communicate scheduling issues, timelines, appropriate tasks, and data dissemination so that high school student schedules can be produced by August 2015 that reflect class sizes with School Committee guidelines. (2) To produce a common High School Program of Studies document to be used by students for course request selection and to populate in Aspen for display during the 2015-2016 course selection process by December 2014. (3) To produce a new Curriculum Flowchart reflecting graduation requirements prior to the course selection process, which commences in March 2014, (4) produce Pathways Booklet and set up in Aspen for online course selection, including teacher recommendations by March 2015, and (5) produce High School schedules by June 2015.

Mr. Bregoli asked about the delay in releasing high school schedules this past summer. Mrs. Garofalo said that schedules were a week later than projected due to the state reporting deadlines coupled with this being the first year of scheduling in Aspen. Mrs. Mahoney said that the communication to parents raised expectation of availability and inevitably, frustration when the schedules were not mailed out on time.

Mr. Bregoli asked about the timing of teacher course recommendations prior to students placing their schedule requests for the next school year. Mrs. Garofalo said that this is in early March and students begin their course selection in mid-March, working with the Guidance departments. Parents may request alternate placements through the online process. Guidance staff review the requests and adjust and/or communicate with parents as needed.

The Information Technology Team’s goals are to (1) meet all required MA DESE and District-Level requirements, (2) continue to assist and support education technology resources that will work to enhance the teaching and learning experiences for both staff and students in the Quincy Public Schools, and (3) collaborate with the City of Quincy Information Technology Team to implement/and or maintain Quincy Public Schools infrastructure. The Secretaries Team will (1) continue to participate in the implementation of Aspen and (2) will become familiar with relevant Quincy Public Schools policies and procedures as they are updated.

Mr. Bregoli thanked Mr. Segalla for the installation of the wireless service at the Veterans Stadium as part of the Central Middle School project. Mrs. Mahoney asked how the collaboration with the PTOs work on technology purchases, is there a written guide for how this happens. Mrs. Mahoney has heard concerns about purchases not being fully utilized and also how to be sure that donations are accompanied by appropriate training. Mr. Segalla said that PTOs are encouraged to collaborate with their principal who can work with IT on the costs for the standard list of items under state purchasing system. Mrs. Mahoney suggested an online resource that parents can access.

Mr. Bregoli asked when the two Technology positions would be filled and candidates are being interviewed currently. Mrs. Mahoney asked where the postings appear; SchoolSpring, plus candidates are sought through Wentworth Institute of Technology and UMass Boston.

Mrs. Hubley made a motion to approve the Informational Technology Program Improvement Plan. Ms. Isola seconded the motion and on a voice vote, the ayes have it.

Ms. Isola made a motion to adjourn the Policy Subcommittee meeting at 6:30 pm. Mrs. Hubley seconded the motion and on a voice vote, the ayes have it.