Oct. 16, 2012 Facilities/Security Sub Meeting


Quincy School Committee
School Facilities and Security Subcommittee
Mr. David McCarthy, Chairperson
2nd Floor Conference Room
NAGE Building
Tuesday, October 16, 2012
4:30 p.m.

  1. Welcome - Chairman McCarthy

  2. Safety and Security Program Improvement Plan - Mr. Draicchio

  3. Custodial Program Improvement Plan - Mr. Kevin Segalla

  4. Review of Items Currently in Subcommittee - Chairman McCarthy

  5. Adjournment/Thank You!


Facilities and Security Subcommittee Meeting

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A meeting of the Facilities and Security Subcommittee was held on Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 4:30 pm in the 2 nd Floor Conference Room at the NAGE Building. Present were Mrs. Kathryn Hubley, Ms. Barbara Isola, and Mr. David McCarthy, Chair. Also attending were Superintendent Richard DeCristofaro, Mr. Michael Draicchio, Mr. Kevin Segalla, and Ms. Laura Owens, Clerk.

Mr. McCarthy called the meeting to order at 4:35 pm and opened the meeting by introducing Director of Safety & Security, Mr. Michael Draicchio. Mr. Draicchio presented the Safety & Security Program Improvement Plan by reviewing his department’s mission and thanking the community members of the Safety and Security Roundtable, including the Quincy Police Department, and the QPD school resource and DARE officers; the Quincy Fire Department; Fallon Ambulance; Department of Children & Families; MBTA police; and the Norfolk County Sheriff and District Attorney’s offices. The Safety & Security department’s goals for 2012-2013 are: (1) the district has emergency procedures for the protection of staff and students in emergency situations. These procedures will be consistently reinforced during the 2012-2013 school year; and (2) in partnership with the Quincy Police Department and both the City and QPS Information Technology Departments, work towards having all security cameras online for the 2012-2013 school year. These goals are consistent with what was achieved last year and some action steps are being carried over, including the Emergency Procedures flip chart project for school staff reference. Medical Emergency Response Plans have been recently created in coordination with Jane Kisielius, the school nurses, and Fallon Ambulance and will be included in all School Improvement Plans. The department is continuing to publish a quarterly newsletter, provide professional development opportunities, including CPR and CPE, and conduct emergency safety drills at all schools. The department was recently awarded a $2,000 Safety and Security Grant by the Norfolk District Attorney’s office which will help fund additional security measures. Mr. Draicchio also shared a handout with the Security Officer job description (which will be included in the final PIP) and a revised Emergency Procedures handout for schools.

Mr. McCarthy noted that since he has been on the School Committee, the Security program has grown due to Mr. Draicchio’s efforts, especially with getting outside agencies involved. Mr. McCarthy inquired about whether future professional development for the high school security guards could be training to serve as backup to Mr. Draicchio in case of a major security issue. Ms. Isola complimented the security officers at both high schools for their interactions with the students

Mrs. Hubley made a motion to approve the Safety and Security Program Improvement Plan. Ms. Isola seconded the motion, and on a voice vote, the motion was approved.

Mr. Kevin Segalla, Coordinator of Custodial Services then presented the Custodial Services Program Improvement Plan on behalf of his staff of 18 Senior Custodians and 43 Junior Custodians. The custodial staff at all buildings are an important part of the school community, one example being the Quincy High School staff members who assisted with moving the North Quincy High School graduation indoors on short notice last June. Each school’s custodians have customized work schedules, including outside grounds; 85% are CPR trained. The department’s 2011-12 goal of email training was completed; custodians now have a computer in their office and this enhanced communication allows custodians to email work orders to Maintenance, order supplies, and be a part of intra-school communication. The department’s 2012-2013 goal is to design and develop informational guides for air filters and light bulbs.

Ms. Isola complimented the Custodial staff at all buildings, and Mrs. Hubley agreed. Mr. McCarthy complimented Mr. Segalla’s organization and the good impression each building presents to the public, both regular and occasional visitors. Mr. McCarthy inquired about the fire extinguishers in each school; Mr. Segalla works with Public Buildings and the outside vendor that services the fire extinguishers annually; bus fire extinguishers are serviced by the bus mechanics. Mr. McCarthy asked about the supply purchasing consortium; Mr. Segalla coordinates the ordering for 9 towns currently, including Quincy College, Pembroke, Abington, Hanover, Bourne, Taunton. By ordering supplies annually and in large quantities, there are cost savings shared by all towns.

Mr. McCarthy noted that for budget considerations, the department will need to plan how custodial duties at the new Coddington Hall and the new Central, which is 50% larger than the current building, will be handled and will there be additional staffing needs. Ms. Isola reiterated that the Custodial staff are an important part of the school community, and cited their many positive interactions with the children.

Mrs. Hubley made a motion to approve the Custodial Services Program Improvement Plan. Ms. Isola seconded the motion, and on a voice vote, the motion was approved.

The final item on the agenda was a review of the items currently in Facilities and Security Subcommittee and updated for current status. One item was removed as it has been agreed that representation from Public Buildings and the Parks Department will appear before School Committee bi-annually and as requested at Facilities and Security Subcommittee meetings. The School Improvement Plan maintenance and grounds requests will be collected and forwarded as appropriate and followed up by the Facilities and Security Subcommittee later in the school year. Mr. McCarthy plans to call a meeting in November to discuss the security concerns related to the Presidents’ City Inn and its proximity to the new Central Middle School building.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:40 pm on a motion from Mrs. Hubley and seconded by Ms. Isola. On a voice vote, the ayes have it.