MA State Seal of Biliteracy

Massachusetts State Seal of Biliteracy

MA Seal of Biliteracy is a circular logo that reads "Massachusetts State Seal of Biliteracy. Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Signing"

Quincy Public Schools is a proud participant of the Massachusetts State Seal of Biliteracy program, a prestigious recognition awarded to high school graduates who demonstrate proficiency in English and have attained a high level of proficiency in one or more languages. The Seal is an official notation on qualifying QPS transcripts.

Earning the Seal of Biliteracy signifies to colleges, universities, and employers that an individual has strong language skills and is culturally competent. In today's global economy, these skills are highly valued and can lead to increased job opportunities. The Seal of Biliteracy can also provide a competitive advantage when applying for college or employment opportunities. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to showcase their language abilities and/or celebrate their cultural heritage.


  • English Language Criteria: Meet a score of 472 or higher on the Grade 10 ELA MCAS

  • World Language Criteria: Attain a high level of language on a state-approved assessment

  • Classes Criteria: Satisfy all graduation requirements

Quincy Public Schools encourages multilingual students to learn more about the requirements for earning the Seal of Biliteracy in Massachusetts at

Questions? Please contact Heather Wojcik, QPS English Learner Education Coordinator at [email protected]