Oct. 5, 2010 School Facilities Sub Meeting

Quincy Public Schools
School Facilities Management Subcommittee

Superintendent's Conference Room
NAGE Building
October 5, 2010
4:00 p.m.
Mrs. Elaine Dwyer, Chairman

  1. Former Quincy High School

  2. Central Middle School Site

School Facilities Subcommittee Meeting

October 5, 2010 Minutes

A School Facilities Subcommittee meeting was held on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at 4:00 p.m. in the Superintendent’s Conference Room. Present were: Ms. Barbara Isola, Mrs. Emily Lebo, Mrs. Anne Mahoney and Elaine Dwyer, Chair. Also present were Superintendent DeCristofaro, Gary Cunniff, Kevin Murphy, Colleen Roberts, and Tefta Burrelli, Clerk.

Mrs. Dwyer called this meeting to discuss the disposition of the old Quincy High School. Mr. Gary Cunniff gave the members a copy of his overview, assessment and alternatives for the existing old Quincy High School building. In order to wrap up the new Quincy High School project, a determination has to be made on what we are going to do with the old Quincy High School in the future. Everything is now out of the old building. We are aiming for the end of November to file paperwork. We have to secure the building, all the doors, windows, windows in the courtyard. Mr. Cunniff was concerned with the windows in the back of the building and security. We do have custodians who walk through the building on the weekend.

Mrs. Dwyer inquired about fencing, etc. Mr. Cunniff said there are guidelines. You have to file the plan with the Army Corps of Engineering. If we are going to do something soon, it would be necessary to let the Historic Commission and the Quincy Historic Commission know.

The members asked about the entry to the old Quincy High School. The building is being sealed up but it is touching the new high school. Obviously by June, we will have some work program in place. Mrs. Dwyer asked that Mr. Cunniff avoid putting plywood in the front of the building. She asked that he put the plywood on the inside.

Mr. Cunniff cautioned that he would have to address the roof if we kept the building longer. Part of the agreement with the MSBA is that you have to give them an acceptable plan for the building.

The Superintendent asked if the City can afford the building. Do we need another school? The new Central speaks loudly. As Superintendent, if we don’t need the property, knock it down.

With regard to Coddington Hall, Mr. Cunniff said it is probably 20,000 sq. ft. The Mayor is committed to putting the school administration there. This should be a one-year long process.

The Committee asked if we could use the space for the GOALS Program, the Bethany Program Evening School, Robotics. However, it was learned that you can’t house any high school programs in the old Quincy High School. The Superintendent said in his opinion there is space around the schools for these other programs. Atherton Hough has space, Sterling has space. Our totals run around 9,000 students. He doesn’t see the enrollment going up much higher.

The Committee inquired about the historical factor. Mr. Cunniff said it is down as “landmark status.” In talking with Mr. Timmins, he said if the City doesn’t have the funding to renovate the building, you can’t be compelled to keep it.

Mrs. Dwyer said they have to think about the two houses on Saville Ave. also.

The Committee was concern that they don’t want this building turned over to the City and rented. They don’t want tenants in there next to the new Quincy High School. The Superintendent said the Mayor does not want to sink a dime into the old high school. He would look to total demolition.

The Committee came up with questions for Mr. Cunniff to answer:

  1. What would be there if we renovated the old high school? What can we do with the old high school building?

  2. Who does the land the old high school sits on belong to?

  3. What is the potential plan for Coddington Hall?

  4. How many educational spaces in the old high school?

  5. How many educational spaces based on a middle school?

  6. Who can/can’t use the old Quincy High School?

  7. What would we bring in if we sell the old Central Middle School?

  8. If the old high school went to a middle school, would we get a reimbursement?

Mr. Cunniff will make a presentation at the October 27 School Committee meeting and we will vote to release the building to the City.

The members felt that even if they don’t keep the old building; they needed to ask these questions before they voted.

On a motion by Mrs. Lebo, seconded by Mrs. McCarthy, the Committee adjourned at 5:23 p.m. the ayes have it.