Introduction to Aspen

Logging In

Step 1. Go to
Step 2. Type in your Login ID and Password provided
Note: if your password was reset recently or this is your first time logging in to Aspen, you will be prompted with the message seen here.
Step 3. Click ‘OK’

Current Password: {Enter the temporary password provided or current/old password}
New Password: {Create new password}
Confirm New Password: {Repeat new password}

Screenshot shows Aspen Login dialogue. A pop up box on top reads "Your password has expired. Please create a new one."

Setting Up Your Account

Complete the following prompts:

1. Primary Email – when using the “I forgot my password” functionality, your temporary password will be sent to this email.
2. Select a Security Question
3. Security answer: {Your answer}
4. Confirm answer: {Repeat your answer}

Image shows a pop-up window over the Aspen login dialogue. The pop-up window reads "Security Preferences Update - To enable self serve password recovery, please provide the following information." Below is a series of form fields labeled, in order, Primary email, Security question, Security answer, and Confirm answer. A "1" is next to the Security question to indicate it is associated with Step 1. A 2 is next to the "Security answer" field. At the bottom of the window are "Submit" and "Cancel" buttons

Pages Top Tab

A: To Do: Upcoming assignment and homework deadlines.

B: Published Reports: Report Cards will be available here for download.

A screenshot of the Aspen Pages tab shows two sections on the page highlighted. The first, labeled "A," reads "To Do" on top. The panel contains a list of sample assignments, filterable by if they are overdue, due tomorrow, or due today. The second panel, labeled "B" and entitled "Published Reports" shows where report card files are published (none are listed in the example.) Next to the panel, a callout reads "Click on the filename to open the published report."

Family Top Tab

Quick Navigation:

  1. Click on Family top tab
  2. Select the student by clicking on the checkbox
  3. Then select any of the side tabs to see details for each of the categories. 

A. Details - will have student demographic information, student ID, homeroom and homeroom teacher.

B. Daily Attendance - Did the student go to school today? Were they tardy? If date is missing, that means they are present or weekend.

C. Transcript - Final grades.

D. Schedule - Student's schedule.

Screenshot shows Family tab in Aspen. A "2" is next to the Family tab. A checkbox next to a student's name is also highlighted and a callout next to it reads "Click here...then select any tabs on the left side to view additional information." The left navigation of the screen is also highlighted; nav items, in order, read: Details, Contacts, Daily Attendance, Health, Conduct, Transcript, Assessments, Schedule.

Academics Top Tab

Details – class details such as teacher name, and room number.
Assignments – View published assignments and student scores as well as teacher assignment feedback.

Screenshot of Aspen Academics tab shows a "3" pointing to the "Academics" tab on top. On the screen, a list of courses is highlighted with a callout that says "Click the checkbox first or blue hyperlink text description before selecting a side tab detail." On the left, three nav items, Details, Assignments, and Attendance, are available in that order.

Screenshot shows the Assignments page under the "Academics" tab in Aspen. A list of assignments appears; for each, Date Assigned, Date Due, Score are available.