2023-2024 Teacher Mini-Grants

2023-2024 Teacher Mini-Grants
Posted on 10/19/2023
Clip art of students holding a sign that reads "Teacher Mini-Grants 2023-2024"

A Message from Superintendent Kevin W. Mulvey, J.D.:

As Superintendent of Quincy Public Schools, it gives me great pleasure to recognize and congratulate Quincy’s 2023-2024 Mini-Grant recipients. Each year, thanks to the generosity and support of our community business partners, the Quincy School Community Partnership awards grant funds to Quincy Public Schools professional staff. This year, 92 creative grants have been funded, totaling $32,200.00. To date, approximately $582,900.00 in grant funds have been awarded. The Quincy School ~ Community Partnership continues its mission to support Quincy Public Schools, its staff, and students. Thank you to our grant writers for their continued commitment and dedication!

Quincy School~Community Partnership

Mini-Grant competitive awards provide funds for Quincy Public Schools Professional Staff, which support the academic, emotional and social development of their students. Thank you to all grant writers for their commitment and dedication to Quincy Public Schools

  • Mayor Thomas P. Koch

  • Arbella Foundation

  • Baystate Financial

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA

  • Boston Scientific Corporation

  • Colonial Federal Savings Bank

  • Equitable Advisors

  • Granite Telecommunications

  • Hale Family YMCA

  • Lee Kennedy Company

  • Mass Bay Credit Union

  • MountainOne Bank

  • Procter & Gamble/Gillette

  • Quincy College

  • Quincy Credit Union

  • Quincy Mutual Group

  • Quirk Auto Dealerships

  • South Shore Bank

  • Stop and Shop Companies

  • Wessling Architects

Congratulations, 2023-2024 Mini-Grant Award Winners!

Courtney Alcott
Patricia Ambroult
Laura Anderson
Julie Barron
Julie Barry
Jake Bergonzi
Stephanie Bogan
Lucy Booth
Dinnean Boss
Claire Boudreau
Jill Boussy
Julia Buben
Julie Campbell
Meghan Carthas
Lisa Chin
Dawn Ciardi
Lara Collier
Karen Conneely
Katie Connolly
Patti Cooper
Rebecca Cordero
Fallon Creedon
Victoria Cronin
Michael Cuccia
Michelle Cunniff
Holly Davis
Casey Deaguero
Christina Deiorio
Kimberly DeLisle
Mallory DeVoe
Cassandra Feeney
Jake Forrest

Marlena Forrester
Christina Gilman
Jill Griffith
Kelli Guarino
Deborah Harper-Padula
Jillian Harrington
Nancy Hayes
Jason Healy
Patrice Healy
Tracey Henault
Michelle Holland
Tristen Houlihan
Anna Hunt
Michael Imhoff
Jillian Jasie
Gina Kazlousky
Elizabeth Kelly
Kerry Kelly
Megan Keough
Darby Kindley
Mera Kriz
Evaline Lai
Karin Lanham
Maureen Lynch
Kathryn Markt
Bridget Mazza
Christine McBride
Samantha McGrath
Nancy McLaughlin
Mary McMorrow
Nancy McPartlin
Aici Mei Mei

Nina Meltzer
Mary Beth Mulcahy
Danielle Mullaney
Emily Murphy
Lisa Nasanofsky
Trang Nguyen
Stacie O’Callaghan
Alyse Olivieri
Danielle Parry
Cara Pekarcik
MaryEllen Phillips
Kristyn Pieper
Christopher Ranft
Erin Riley
Sara Riley
Amanda Rosenhagen
Lauren Ryan
Paula Ryan
Alicia Segalla
Antonio Tenaglia
Jenna Tenaglia
Evelyn Tian
Meghan Tierney
Pakamas Tongcharoensirikul
Cynthia Vu
Kimberly Walsh
Katie Welch
Mary Kay White
Joseph Wilder
Charles Wilson
Loksze Wong